I’m proud of us.
my name is tamara and malia tate is better than you.
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Shameless challenge: Favorite Otp↠ Mickey and Ian

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all the characters are white: Who cares, it’s fantasy it doesn’t have to be realistic, this is just the story the creator wanted to tell

the characters are diverse: Jesus, all these types of people in the same place is so unrealistic, the creator just forced diversity for diversity’s sake

Malia + studying.

I’m just so glad you’re both safe.


god i hate scott mccall. he’s always taking the moral high ground and saving his friends and being good to women and talking through his moral dilemmas with his mom and forgiving people even when they’re douches. fuck that guy.

#stop calling mickey a pussy 2k14 (x)

What kind of girl are you? Tougher than that.

Scott and Stiles + in sync